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We truly believe we have created the mother of all energy products. Glory is not only packed with energy ingredients (Caffeine and Dynamine) but also has L-Theanine for less jitters which can be associated with stimulants. This provides a smoother, longer lasting energy. It also contains Green Tea for added health benefits and energy support. Overall a ‘Feel-Good’ Energy Supplement for any task at hand.

Glory is packed with 4 ingredients to help you power through any project, hobby, or workout. 

Caffeine Anhydrous: 116.67mg per serving 

  • Stimulates central nervous system, less tiredness
  • May decrease appetite
  • Increases energy for workouts

Dynamine®(Methylliberine): 40mg Active per serving

  • Smooth Natural Energy
  • Heightened Focus and Improved Mood
  • Activates key energy neurotransmitters without elevating heart rate or blood pressure

Green Tea Extract 45% EGCG: 66.67mg per serving

  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • May boost energy
  • May benefit the heart health
  • Works to support cognitive function
  • Aids overall health and wellness

L-Theanine: 100mg per serving

  • May romote calm and relaxation
  • May improve quality of sleep
  • May improve focus and memory
  • May provide benefit to heart health

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